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Compare Natural Stress Relief© with Transcendental Meditation® (taught by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi)

Transcendental Meditation® Natural Stress Relief©
For Profit?Nonprofit with salaries (USA 501(c)(3) tax-exempt)Nonprofit and volunteer (USA 501(c)(3) tax-exempt)
Individual Price (USD) $960.00 for adults (USA, as of January, 2016) with somewhat lower rates for students and other categories $47.00 for the hardcopy learning materials and four prepaid email consultations, available on this website. (Or $25.00 for computer files you download, print, and burn yourself prior to use, available from Istituto Scientia.)
Teaching methodOne personal and five group instruction sessions led by a trained and "recertified" TM® instructor (six 1½-hour sessions) Self-learning using simple, easy to understand instructions provided in a printed manual and short audio CD (two 1-hour learning sessions a day for three consecutive days)
Travel requiredMust find and travel to a Maharishi Invincibility Center, six times for the course and once for each additional followup or support meeting No travel ever required (uses self-learning materials delivered by postal mail)
Difficulty of practiceEffortless, according to most practitionersEffortless, according to most practitioners
Benefits "Many people say the TM technique has a transforming effect—they report major benefits in reducing chronic stress and anxiety, insomnia, hypertension, and other stress-related disorders." (www.tm.org/benefits-of-meditation, June 2015) Peace, happiness, and reduction or elimination of problems in life, starting at the first lesson and continuing for life
Advanced programsAdvanced Techniques, TM-Sidhi® Program, others None
Validation by scientific research Over 130 significant, well-conducted, and objective studies published in peer-reviewed journals, documenting a wide range of health and other benefits of the regular practice of Transcendental Meditation® (600 studies in total) Electroencephalographic (EEG) validation of the unique state of deep rest (transcending), galvanic skin response (GSR) validation of the unique state of deep rest (transcending), and two papers, published in two peer-reviewed journals, showing the dramatic reduction in anxiety and the increase in self-actualization resulting from a just week or two of practice of NSR
Perceived mysticism or religiosity reported by members of the general public 1. Presentation of the Maharishi Effect during the Introductory Lecture (the stock market improves, international relations improve, and crime reduces when large groups of Sidhis practice Yogic Flying, or levitation, an advanced form of TM, in one location);
2. Brief description of the puja in the Preparatory Lecture (a ceremony performed by the teacher prior to instruction involving incense, candle, altar, and picture of Maharishi's teacher, Guru Dev, and an offering of fruit and a new handkerchief provided by the student);
3. Sanskrit (devanagari) phrases posted in some TM centers;
4. Occasional mention at various times (and on the Web and in mailings and brochures) of advanced programs associated with TM, including Yogic Flying (levitation) and the development of superpowers, the absolute necessity to orient the entrances of buildings toward the east (Sthapathya Ved and the habitation rules known as Vastu), curing diseases such as diabetes through Maharishi Ayurveda and Maharishi Pulse Analysis, the determination of "auspicious days" through Maharishi Vedic Astrology (Jyotish), and special music for developing consciousness, the eternal music of nature (Maharishi Gandharva)
Personal supportFree and unlimited checking of meditation at centers located in or near many large cities throughout the world; no help with problems or answers to questions available online Free or low-cost answers to questions about experiences and the fine points of NSR© practice by Web forum, email, telephone, and Skype audio conferencing
How to learn moreVisit the official TM® Website (or visit our site about Transcendental Meditation®) Explore this Website or visit the international Istituto Scientia NSR© Website